Friday, March 23, 2012

1 More Week

In one week from today spring break officially begins!  I have to say that I am pretty excited about that.  My kids have been crazy and they need a break from school and from each other.  To be honest, I sort of need a break from them also.  More importantly during spring break is when our baby is due!  I can't wait to meet the little guy and I can't wait for my wife to be less miserable.  She has been a trooper and I will be much happier when she is not so uncomfortable.  Here's to hoping that the next week goes quickly!


  1. You really have a big countdown! How exciting for you and your wife! Thank you for sharing.
    I have a week left until spring break and am looking forward to the time away too.

  2. Enjoy your spring break and her new baby! What a special timne for you. I bet the waiting is driving you crazy. To be honest, though, I am thinking more of your wife! I am wishing her a quick and easy delivery!

  3. That should have read "Enjoy your spring break and your new baby". What a special time....
    Should always proofread before clicking publish instead of after. My goodness!

  4. I can tell you're getting excited! Not much longer....