Saturday, March 17, 2012

Big Win for the Boilers!

I am one of those people who does not have cable or satellite, so unfortunately I was stuck with checking in on the scores of the Purdue vs. St. Mary's game last night.  I was watching Duke get beat and kept an eye on the top of the screen.  I was feeling pretty good when there was still an 8 point lead with only a couple of minutes left.  However, I nearly broke down into tears when I saw that St. Mary's took the lead with 45 seconds left.  I kept thinking "this cannot be happening."  Fortunately, as soon as I got to see all of the Duke players crying due to their loss the station turned to the Purdue game for the last 30 seconds.  It was enough time to see Robbie Hummel get fouled and sink a couple of free throws to solidify the win.  Let me tell you, after a disappointing football season and seeing some leads slip away during basketball I was a little worried.  Somehow, though, the boys pulled it off.  I'm hoping that they got the first game jitters out of the way and they can give Kansas a serious shock by beating them.  We are still in it!  Go Boilers!!!!!


  1. I thought about calling you to do a play by play, but Youngest and I were just too worried to do anything more than stare at the screen. I don't think I realized I was holding my breath until I let it out when the buzzer sounded.

  2. I'm sitting here reading slices and waiting for the CU/Baylor game to start. My Buffs are serious underdogs, but a gal can hope… I'll root for your Boilermakers against Kansas!