Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Sad Day for Indiana

I was shocked.  I was baffled.  I couldn't comprehend what I was hearing.  I know that all of the rumors for months had been that the Indianapolis Colts were going to let Peyton Manning go, but I just couldn't believe it.  He has been the face of the franchise for years and he is the reason that the Colts have been so good for so long.  I have been a Colts fan for as long as I can remember so I remember some pretty terrible seasons.  However, until this past year those seasons have been a distant memory.  With Peyton gone I'm not sure how long it will be before the dominance of the past decade will return.  I know that they will draft a great quarterback in the draft, but I can only imagine how much better he would be if he was able to learn from the best to ever play the position.  As a true fan (one that roots for his team no matter how good/bad they are) I will continue to pull for the Colts.  I will also, however, continue to root for Peyton regardless of the team that he plays for.  (I guess this gives me an excuse to watch more football :) )  I must say that as a diehard fan part of me still hopes that this was just a ploy by the Colts to get him for a cheaper contract and that they will re-sign him after other deals don't turn out to be what he is hoping.  I believe that this is very unlikely, but I still have to hold out hope.  I'm a Cubs fan and a Purdue fan, so I know what a big letdown feels like in the world of sports.  I'll keep rooting for my teams and hope for the best.  Go Colts and best of luck Peyton!


  1. I went home at lunch today to let my dog out and was able to catch the press conference with Peyton and the Colts owner. It was pretty touching and sad to watch. He's done so much for the Colts, Indy and our state. This is a big loss for Indiana all around.

  2. I heard the end of the news conference. Sad day for all.