Sunday, March 25, 2012

I wanna ride!!!!

The past couple of weeks have been brutal!  The weather has been gorgeous and I still haven't been able to go riding.  It's just been too busy between teaching, master's courses and getting ready for the baby.  With the baby due next week I have to say that it will probably be a month or longer before I can even begin to think about throwing a leg over a dirt bike.  It's still early in the year so I know that there is plenty of time left in the year to get out there and have some fun.  Until then, though, I just have to say that I wanna ride!


  1. For all the reasons, new baby is a good reason to stay off the bike. More time later....

  2. I enjoyed that you led without giving away what you wanted to ride. My mind was working all-too-quickly to try figure it out - horses? bicycle? motorcycle? and dirt bike never even crossed my mind! It was a welcome surprise. Thanks for your post and good luck with the new baby!

  3. I wondered if you'd been out yet. Guess not...and I bet you are going nuts!