Sunday, March 4, 2012

Are You Ever Ready

Today my wife and I spent most of our time sorting things that we got from the baby showers and trying to get things ready for our new addition.  I cannot believe how much stuff we have and how much we still have to get.  One look around the nursery would indicate that there is no possible way that we don't have everything that one would need to raise a small child for the next five years.  However, my wife has still been able to come up with a whole list of things that we need to get before we are ready for the little guy.  I'm beginning to realize that no matter how prepared we think we are we will never truly be ready. 


  1. You got that right! :) But don't worry--it all works out. I'm glad you guys are getting excited.

  2. So very true - you're never ready, but the blessing is so much better than the worries. Enjoy this wonderful time!

  3. Oh, I remember those days! Nothing truly prepares you, and once they push you out of the hospital with the wonderful nurses and head home for the first time, you'll begin to really wonder! But there will be a day when you can't even imagine life before kids! Save your receipts for everything -- I'm guessing you won't use everything! Best of luck and how exciting!