Thursday, March 29, 2012

Another Victory for The Boilers!!!!

Picture this:  It's 4th and 10 with 20 seconds left on the clock and you still have to march the ball 99 yards down the field.  This is a pretty daunting task, but a true Boilermaker never gives up.  Everybody is expecting pass so what better play than a quarterback sneak?  The ball is snapped and the qb takes off.  He fakes left, he fakes right, he finds the open seam and takes off towards the endzone.  He could go all the way!  Touchdown and victory!  This is very similar to the scenario that happened this morning at school.  Unknown to us another teacher in the building hid an Easter egg in every teacher's room last night.  The goal was for each teacher to find it in their room and turn it in to her room along with the eggs from the other teachers in our grade level clusters.  My team was the 1st grade teachers and Kindergarten teachers, which are on the complete opposite end of the building.  I typically get into school early to get set up for the day and I stumbled across my egg when I was putting some items away.  I took it down and was shocked to see that many of the other grade levels already had a large amount of their eggs found.  I thought that there was absolutely no way that we would be able to find our eggs and get them in before the others, especially the clusters that are right across the hall from her room.  Then most of the other teachers showed up and found their eggs right away so they took theirs down.  Still, no clusters had found all of their eggs.  I started thinking that we may have a chance.  The last two teachers showed up and it was complete chaos.  Imagine 6 teachers in a single room helping another teacher find a single egg.  Yes, it really happened.  When we found the last egg the other teachers gave it to me and said to take it down.  Hey, the last teacher to find her egg is pregnant so I wasn't going to make her take it clear across the school.  Anyways, I got partway there and another teacher came out of another hall carrying her egg to turn it in.  Next thing I know we are sprinting down the hallway toward the room.  I made the pass just before we went through the door.  There was another teacher in the room crossing off her name for returning her egg at the time.  I weaved around her and put my egg in our basket just edging out the other teacher.  I crossed off the name and VICTORY!!!!!  I'm counting it as a victory for the Boilers since most of the teachers in the building are IU, Notre Dame or Ohio State fans.  Boiler Up!!!!!  And yes, this actually happened at school this morning.  I can only imagine what the kids would have thought if they would have witnessed it.  I love my school!!!!


  1. I almost quit reading when it sounded like a play-by-play for a football game. I am not a big sports fan and the only boilermaker I've heard of is 100 proof. :-) I am so glad I continued reading! Your school sounds like a lot of fun. Our school morale is kind of low right now, so I am envious. I think perhaps someone should have video-taped the dramatic touch down and then you could have had instant replays in slow motion! The kids would love that! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What can I say? I got schooled at school!! :)

  3. I love this! And you got Kristy to comment! Hee, hee!
    I'm with you on the W for the Boilers and am SOOOOOO glad we work where we do. Things have not been all smooth sailing this year, but the Easter egg thing is a definite highlight. I say we give the teacher who cooked that up some sort of award, right?
    Help me think of what we could do for her.