Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Time for Golf

Aside from not riding my dirt bike this year I have also not had the opportunity to play golf yet.  This weather has been amazing and everyday I drive past the golf course where I have a membership.  I get very envious of the people who are out playing a round on that beautiful green course.  I cannot wait until I have the opportunity to get out there and play a round myself.  I've been working on convincing my wife that I can take the baby with me when I go, but she doesn't buy it.  I keep telling her that it will give her a much needed break from the little guy but she doesn't think that it would be safe.  I think that I could definitely find a way to mount the car seat into the golf cart and he can ride along with me.  It would probably be soothing for him to bounce around in the golf cart and listening to the swish of the club and the clicking sound of the club hitting the ball.  I mean, seriously, what could possibly go wrong with an infant strapped into a golf cart while there are people are sending tiny hard objects in all different directions? 

1 comment:

  1. This cracks me up! The funny thing is that I can see you actually rigging something up to try. :)
    You know, there may be other people willing to cuddle the little guy for a while....