Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Something From Nothing

I'm not sure if any of you from last year remember but I had bought a beat up non-running pile of a dirt bike with the hopes of using a combination of my motorcycle repair skills and parts that I had laying around the garage in order to make a complete running motorcycle that I could ride.  Well, I never sliced about it, so I thought that I would provide some before and after pictures so that you could see the final product.  The bike took some time to get together and I swear that it was doing its best best to not have to go back together (I think that it was afraid of being completely abused like it was from its previous owner) but in the end it didn't have a choice.  Since then we have come to an understanding and I think that it realizes that it's better off keeping all of its parts and remaining a complete motorcycle instead of being sold off one-by-one on ebay.    There are some things that I would still like to do to it, but I'm fairly pleased with the end result.  It looks worlds better and runs great!


  1. Wow! I cannot believe you start with a pile like that and end up with a beautiful bike! Very cool.

  2. Very impressive! I like how you and the bike have an understanding! :) That made me smile...

  3. I love this slice and am thinking how many of my male students would LOVE to capture their mechanical abilities in a photo-essay/memoir like this! Thanks for sharing this and giving me a great idea!